Kenny French
Posted by John Cain 
Kenny French
April 15, 2010 10:53AM
I was at the fiscal court meetings February, March, & April and all three times, Kenny French stated that the county owned the Speedway Blvd Road across from the Sparta BP. Kenny said that the previous administration voted that road in back in 2001. However I asked them and they said NO and that they did not vote that road in. I even looked at the minutes from that time and found nothing saying that they voted it in. I video taped a county salt truck plowing that road Feb 9th 2010 and it was illegal to use County equipment on a private road. I know that it was a private road. If not they would not have had to vote it in 9 years later on April 12 2010. I am upset that they voted that road in. Now we have to maintain it and it will cost too much money to do so. Why was this pushed through when no body lives on that road?

I'll tell you what, lets make this interesting. I will pay $100.00 to the first person that can show me proof that the county owned that road before April 12th 2010.

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