Lost Dog - Little Sugar Creek Road area
Posted by Mary Young 
Lost Dog - Little Sugar Creek Road area
April 10, 2010 02:45AM
Still looking for our little dog Toby. He's white with dark brown spots. Last definite sighting was on Little Sugar Creek Road (Jones farm about a mile or so off the road) on Monday 4/5 in the afternoon. Possible sighting on Tuesday or Wednesday on Jericho Road past the second or third house and was headed towards the dead end. Toby is people shy and may be hiding under your cars or porches. He does not have a collar. Please look for him. He is a family dog and we are missing him terribly!!! There is a reward of $50 if you find him, but we are doubling the reward if he is found by Sunday night 4/11. Not to sound crude, but we need to know if he is coming home or not, so please call even if the unthinkable has happened. We just need to know what happened to him. Thanks. 643-1180.
Re: Lost Dog - Little Sugar Creek Road area
April 10, 2010 11:07AM
Toby has been found!!!!!! He is home, and seems to be alright with the exception of loads of ticks, some scrapes and scratches, and he's awful hungry and thirsty, but he's home!!! He never left Little Sugar Creek, he just didn't know how to get back down to our house. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!!!!

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